VCI 100 Crossfader problem
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    Default VCI 100 Crossfader problem

    Hey guys,

    i was just mixing around one day on my vci 100 and the crossfader started to muck up in traktor. Its hard to explain, so usually the crossfader in traktor would respond to where the physical crossfader on the controller is. The cross fader only moves in traktor when on the controller i put it to one side. Same for the other side. A couple days ago it was working fine. I dont know whether i have to re-calibrate it ( im not too sure how to to that and if thats the case please tell me how). Theres no gunk or anything in the controller

    Its hard to explain like i said but im a bit worried



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    Hey, I had the same problem.

    Try switching the F-Curve knob to the right and you will notice that the crossfader in traktor moves more accurate.

    I hope this was helpful


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