Midi Keyboard & Dubstep help needed ?! please read in
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    Default Midi Keyboard & Dubstep help needed ?! please read in

    Hey gang,
    Im hoping you guys can help me out as I am losing my mind!

    I apologize in advance if im not asking the question properly as the thoughts are scattered and what ive gathered from boards/forums/people is partial answers. I will try to answer as best as I can should someone respond to my post. OK diving in it...

    A little description...
    I'm getting into making Dubstep
    I'm begining to use native instruments software (Massive,Reaktor,Kontakt etc.)
    I will own a NI maschine within a few weeks.
    From what I gather from boards/forums some say 25 keys others say 49?

    some say mpk25 or axiom 49 or nocturn 25 or a portable cheap midi keyboard and run it through the NI maschine as the workhorse would be mostly the maschine controller (knobs,pads etc.) hence the few people who have responded said to just get a cheap portable keyboard....

    My questions are....
    what midi keyboard is good for dubstep?
    25 vs 49 keys?
    which midi keyboard maps easier in ableton? (ex.novation automap)
    which midi keyboard would be easier to map/control - Native instruments massive,kontakt reaktor etc....
    I have NI maschine controller and want to use NI massive which midi keyboard (layout/pads/knobs) would be best linked into maschine?

    Thanks in advance !!

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    the SL25MKii with automap is unbeatable, I went through a LOT of controllers and this one's here to stay.... FOREVER
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    seriously? there is no midi keyboard which is better for dubstep than the other.. in the end they are all controllers which map/control software in the same way (except the automap stuff)..

    25vs49: comes down to personal preference. if you know how to play the piano and want to play some fancy two handed riffs, get a bigger one.. if not and you want to go the more portable route, buy a smaller one..
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    you dont even need a midi keyboard.just draw in the notes

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    Either the m-audio oxygen or axiom.
    The axiom is better as it 8 rotaries, 9 faders (only on the 49) and 8 pads. The oxygen only has 8 rotaries but it is cheeper.
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