Help setting up Vestax VCI-100
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    Default Help setting up Vestax VCI-100

    I am looking into getting a VCI and I have been scratching my head all week trying to figure out the schematic of how it would be set up. I guess I just dont understand how the it all work. I am assuming the VCI and a soundcard of some sort will be plugged into the usb of my Macbook. From there I would run RCA's into a house mixer. From the Mixer to the amp, and from the amp to the PA. All that being said are my headphones going into the soundcard? And also can someone recommend a soundcard for me in the $150 range. I know I sound like a noob but mainly because I am, on the digital side atleast. I have been a mobile dj for over 10 years and gave up on top 40 bar music. I understand how a mixer and cd decks work, and amps and speakers and so on but I just cant wrap my head around this. If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

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    You got it, basically. It depends on what software you are using and in which way. If you plan to use the VCI (or generally midi controllers) exclusively you can get yourself a cheap 2-channel soundcard (like the numark dj i/o), an dj application that mixes internally (basically everyone) and you're fit to go. Your heaphones would go into the headphone out of the soundcard.

    You could also get all this stuff and mix externally (Traktor supports this). This way you're running the audio signals of each deck separately through the soundcard into the mixer as line signals. Your heaphones would go into the mixer and you cue as usual this way.

    I'm leaving DVS out, this might not be an option for you.

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    Um... mmkay, here's what you would need with the VCI-100 and the routes

    1. The VCI-100 doesn't have an internal sound card, so you'd have to purchase one (you could use the one in your Mac, but you wouldn't be able to use headphones to cue things up or get RCA outs to the mixer) The external sound card should at least have the ability to have multiple channels (so you can listen to one thing while the house hears something else) and a Firewire enabled soundcard would reduce latency.
    2. You hook up your VCI-100 to your Mac via USB
    3. You hook up your sound card via USB or Firewire (if you have it)
    4. from your sound card you can either go straight into the amp, or go into an external mixer (or house mixer) and out to the amp.

    hope that helps....

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