I made a basic mapping for the MF Pro Superknob a while back after a customer asked some questions about mapping with the Super knob and I have attached the tsi file and layout I made below.

This mapping uses the Instant Gratification mapping (which requires the MF Pro to be in 4banks mode) for the 4x4 Arcade button grid. The extra knobs and square buttons can be used to control any of the 4 FX Banks in Traktor, one at a time. The knobs control the FX dry/wet and effect parameters, while the square buttons select which FX bank you are controlling.

With this basic mapping, you can trigger an effect using the arcade buttons and then further modulate the parameter by turning a knob (they are by default set to soft takeover for this reason) while holding the arcade button down still (or using the FX hold functionality in the Instant Grat mapping).

If people like this mapping and have ideas on how to improve it, please feel free to share your thoughts. I would be willing to do an update to this mapping if there is enough interest.