Output launchpad Led problems in Traktor
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    Default Output launchpad Led problems in Traktor

    Hi wonder if anyone can help?
    I have recently made a mapping for my launch pad in traktor Including remix decks, hotcues, and loop, all have designated colored LED outputs but the problem I am facing is that when I create a modifier shift to use the hot cues as an fx panel, once the shift button and hotcue button that I am looking to become the FX on button, the LED changes to the chosen fx button on color but on release does not return to the original hotcue state, i;e LED does not return to the green hotcue loaded state but instead stays as the FX button on orange color. Am I missing something in the LED out to make it change back to its original state???
    Any help would be much appreciate and thanks in advanced.

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    Your LED output commands needs to be addressed with a modifier state in order for command to follow and display correct button state.

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    Yes you have to put a modifer on the out ... Only on hold or when the modifier = 1
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