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    Default FAQ / Recommended Reading ->>> READ ME <<<-

    DJTechtools cannot stress using the search functionality enough. If you cannot find what your looking in the following posts, please use the search function before starting a new thread: http://www.djtechtools.com/forum/search.php

    Beginner DJ Reading Material
    The Basics of being or becoming a controller DJ are listed in this section.
    Using Traktor, sync or not sync, troubleshooting, proper DJset conducting and recording are covered.

    Intermediate DJ Reading Material
    MIDI Mapping issues, Syncing Traktor & Ableton, Syncing two Traktor setups, Harmonic mixing, How to create Press Kits and proper Promotion are found in this section.

    Advanced DJ Reading Material
    This section focuses on Selling your tracks, Smartmixing and MIDI mappings and latency.

    VCI-100 Related
    If you're looking for help Upgrading the firmware, MIDImapping and fixing hardware issues on you're beloved and trusty steed, look here.


    In this section you will find the simpler topics. Show your setup, what's in your DJbag, Introductions, leaving the bedroom and article requests can be found here.
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    Being that the initial list was becoming a too long beast, I used Bento and Jester's posts to make the list a little bit more transparant.

    This list will undergo continuous updates.

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    Default Well Done


    I've just spent a few hours skimming through the excellent resources in this thread.

    I am impressed with how much useful info there is in one place! A must read for laptop DJs of all levels. It is great to have all this information in one place.

    It would be nice to include a similar thread for Mixing and Online Mastering. Let us know we would be more than glad to help!
    The Phat Mastering Team

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    This was actually a huge help to me!

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    The link to 'where do you buy your music' links to a wrong topic.

    Great topics and FAQ btw. Going through them at the moment.

    Done! Thanks for the reply!
    - tekki
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