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    Getting some new monitors soon as listening through the old stereo is becoming really painful but im not sure what to get. I've narrowed it down to these two;

    KRK Rokit RP5 G2


    Yamaha HS50M

    What are peoples experiences with these vs each other?

    Gonna be using them mainly for mixing at home and possibly a bit of production work
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    Those are both great options, and it really will come down to personal preference. Try them out somewhere if you have the opportunity. If not, you won't be disappointed either way. The Yamahas have a flatter frequency response and are typically considered more "correct", but I prefer the punchier sound of the KRKs.

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    The Yamahas will show up bad productions more than the KrKs due to less coloration of the sound

    Both have a particular sound to them tbh

    as above the Krks have more punch probably better with a Dj setup where the yams would more suit a DAW set up

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    What they've said. The KRKs will sound better for DJing, but if you want flat frequency response for production you're probably better off with the Yamahas.
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    i got the KRKs and i love them!!!
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    almost every recording studio in the US has a pair of yamaha monitors. they are a reference. having said that, they suck. big time suckage. They are overpriced, poorly crafted shit boxes. I find them neither accurate nor pleasing.
    For DJ monitoring, you want a monitor that steers more toward pleasing because your gonna be listening to a shit ton of music at fairly loud levels. Your not mastering an uncompressed file for a master cd or mixing a surround sound movie score, your mixing heavily compressed (both data and audio) music files. and all you care about is being able to clearly differentiate the frequencies for EQing and that it all sounds pleasing.
    so go with what sounds good to your ears.

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