Super OEM tables in America?
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    Default Super OEM tables in America?

    Was looking for a pair of TT's and saw posts from around 07-08 about "Super OEM" Tables and wanted to know what is still being made, what brands, and where to buy these?

    They look way better than your standard TT200's and T.62's

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    Models that have been sold in the US but are now discontinued were the American Audio HTD 4.5 and the Stanton ST.120. The latter basically has the same internals as the Stanton ST.150, minus keylock and (I think) digital out. The ST.150 is still being made, but it's probably the most expensive Super OEM out there, around 600 USD. You might be able to find one of the other, discontinued models on ebay or craigslist for a good price.

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