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    Hey guys, after watching all the vids from the controller battle on the west coast I was wondering if anyone would be interesting in organizing a similar event in the NYC area? I'm sure at a low fee to compete a bunch of controllerists would come and try out? We can offer a prize or something. I can't imagine any hardcore judges come here (Ean or Moldover feel free to interrupt me and grace us with your presence ) so it would be voted by the audience noise (old school?).

    Anyways, I'm sure we can even ask some local stores to sponsor or co-host such an event - they get marketing directly to their audience.

    Now that I think of it, we can even do it on premises of some music gear warehouse...

    This has not been well thought out, just a late night/early morning vent.

    But would anyone else be interested?

    Thoughts, comments, questions?

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    not so innocent bump. does no one here think this is a good idea?

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    you know im half surprised turntable lab hasnt done something like this yet and half not

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    im sure dubspot would get involved if you approached them

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    Yeah, the possibilities I was looking at were dubspot, tt labs and pro audio start.

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