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    Default Mapping - VCI-100

    anyone have any suggestions on good mapping techniques for the VCI-100?
    Any essential mapping keys that you guys use, or good advice on mapping?


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    Hope for the fw 1.3 upgrade kits, then get the VCI-100SE overlay... even without them it still rocks (need fw 1.3 though, cuz 1.2 is a bitch - the button triggering 3 actions sucks)

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    Lots and lots of pre-thought into how you want the unit to react.

    Get an idea of what you want to do, then fight like hell to make it a reality, dont just look though the traktor settings and start mapping stuff. You will find alot of the interesting functions require multiple parameters to be mapped to a single button.

    Try to stick away from the internal lists where you can - for example say i wanna beatjump backwards 4 beats, i dont want to have to change the veiw to beatjump mode, then set the beatjump size i want, then press the forward and backwards button. Thats really unintiative and you will spend most of your mixing time scrolling though those horrid internal lists. Instead you just want to be able to press a button and it will jump back 4 beats.

    This advice is more tailored between controllerism, but i think it will make your mixing alot more fun, which is the most imporant thing.

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    I would try to make your tks from scratch, if you get stuck load someones tks so you can get back on track and get new ideas. Dont give up and also say every version of your mapping *1.1.tks, *1.2.tks and so on.
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