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    Default BeaTunes

    Anyone tried this as a Mixed in Key and Rapid Evolution alternative?

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    I'm using both, but have more tended towards MIK. I am using beatunes for managing my tunes and completing missing informations. I can however say that beatunes has a very good support- have just had a small problem with beatunes and gotten support within 12 hours on the weekend!

    I'll try to make a playlist and find out how good this is compared to just MIK.
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    I bought beatunes 3 the other day.

    I still havn't finished analyzing my library yet. So far from what I've seen is that its great for keeping your itunes library in shape, organized and correct.

    Its got a lot of other features like song color, song mood, beat intensity etc, I'll see how its puts some playlists together with these new features. I'm not 100% on the key analysis yet, although it does seem to be correct.

    I have noticed also that its very heavy on the CPU and eats my battery when analyzing my library.

    I still think I'm going to try MIK soon.
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