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    Hi all,

    I've started doing some DJing for my own enjoyment and have been at it for over a year. I mainly play in the underground scene at various locations (such as warehouses) and stick to one-off gigs, as it keeps things interesting and allows flexibility in my schedule.

    I am looking for a quality music pool; however, the majority of them require an application that includes a residency, or at the very least, a club that you regularly play at. Because I am not an "established" DJ, I don't have either, so I was hoping somebody could recommend one (I don't mind paying) that carries both big tracks (ie. Rebound by Arty/Mat Zo) and some neat ones by lesser-known artists. Alternatively, you could let me know how you went about finding quality tracks when you first started out - while I would normally use something like Beatport, downloading 5-10 tracks a day at 3.49 gets expensive real quick.

    Much appreciated,


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