TSP Scroling and loading tracks problem
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    Default TSP Scroling and loading tracks problem

    Well i have a problem when i scrolling thru my tracks, almost every time i scroll it freezes up, audio is working but all freezes and it jump to 10 tracks up or down, i do not know why it is happening, it is happening when i use x1, keyboard, or other controllers. and it only happening on my new laptop, dell vostro v130, never before when i was using my acer aspire 5630... And also it freezes up when i loading track in deck.. Yeah i use tsp 1.2.7.

    Well hopes that someone will help me


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    Try disabling midi out in controller manager. I'm afraid it's hardware problem (i have that too), mine makes noises and cracks in sound when loading track with a lot of cue points. Disabling midi out did solve the problem, although i have no more color led responses from midi controller. Not a problem with dicer though.
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