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    As DD says, an external soundcard will significantly change all that. In the meantime, get the ASIO driver for your laptop. (It's the recommended driver for the A2 as well).
    that brings me to a different issue which ive asked before but i didnt get a full response:

    im actually using my samsung lcd monitor as my main output (through hdmi)
    which goes to my speakers. i still cant setup my cue headphone output because i still cant get asio4all v2 to work.
    when i used virtual dj, i was able to choose 2 soundcards and output mains to hdmi and headphones to my laptop 3.5mm. cant figure out how to get traktor 2 going since it has no option for 2 separate sound cards and asio4all doesnt seem to like me ;|
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    audacity has the ability to "show clipping" in the menu

    you can amp a song that has no clipping in audacity to the point it clips. the best suggestion would be get good at working your transitions to prevent clipping, stay within 0/1 red on the mixer (depending on the mixer eh), and then review in audacity to see where you borked it. rinse, repeat, practice.

    edit: dont do this

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