Ok. So I am trying to route my Traktor sound into Ableton. I followed all the steps in a couple tuturials and still can't seem to get it to work. These are the tuturials I have used so far.




I think the problem could be the DJM-900. Everytime I use it as my sound card in Ableton I get an error saying I could not open DJM-900 set up utility. Which I don't understand since I tried it with the set up utility open and closed. The driver I am trying to use is the ASIO::PIONEER DJM-900 for the Jack 1.9.7 Audio router, Don't even get me started with Virtual Audio Cables that thing takes a ton of stuff to configuer. Any help will be appriciated

I am now able to sync, and route sound from traktor to ableton, now the problem I am having is only deck a is heard, no sound is coming from my DJM-900, so I can monitor the songs as they play but both are being recorded over to ableton in sync. Hmmmmm

Update with a video


any help will be appriciated!!