VCI 100 Jog Sticking/Sensitivity Problem.
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    Default VCI 100 Jog Sticking/Sensitivity Problem.


    I understand that there may be an obvious sticky or post i could find via the search, but i cant see the solution.

    My right hand jog wheel isnt sensitive enough, even if i max out the sensitivity. And if i go past a certain point on the sensitivity, when i use the jog, and i take my hand off, the red light stays on untill you give the wheel a good nudge.

    Im starting to loose faith in digital!! My vinyls have seen much more action in the last few weeks because i can trust that they will work.

    I darnt play a live set with my vci at the moment incase i try and drop a tune and i look once ive missed my chance and the light is stuck on red!!

    Can someone enlighten me as to a solution to this problem, im sure i saw a post on cleaning the inside of the jogs but i cannot find that post.

    Thanks alot guys!!


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    Thanks dude! Much appreciated!

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