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    Quote Originally Posted by Quiggers View Post
    A sober punter cant tell the difference between a 192kbps mp3 and a full def wav, and a drunk punter can barely tell what genre they're listening to.

    Also: stop trying to act smart, 'oh i got ripped off because i got tune an extra 60kbps less', you also got them cheaper.
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    I think today's 7200rpm drives could easily serve pages via VM to the application. Disk I/O is not an issue. With SSD even a tiny blimp concerning performance issues.

    I don't know of any distributions that release mono-mixed music but it's a no-brainer to turn on mono mode in various DJ apps, Ableton Live, heck even with various sound mixers as part of the driver installation. Doubt many do that, anyway.

    As for bad club systems, can't talk about that, yes with those systems even 192kpbs VBR would be good enough. Most can't go in and whack around the mixer to amp cables, if the club uses RCA and a DJ starts to mock with the cables replacing them with balanced XLRs, I doubt he or she is allowed to play there next time.

    Anyway, there's the notion of S/N an the notion of dynamics. With a good system I do think anyone could hear the difference between 16-bit and 24-bit.
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