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    Hey quick question,

    On the Auto Gain in Serato, I have mine set at 93db but I have my channel gains a little past 12oclock and my master at about 3 o clock. I was wondering if I changed it to 94 then I can set my channel gains to 12 to make it more uniform... Does that make sense?

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    You adjust the auto gain when the limiter light on itch starts going off, when you want adjust how hot the signal is going into your mixer you want to adjust the headroom setting. I have mine with my v7s set to 92 and head room at the second from the highest, with my gains at 12 the signal averages right at zero on my mixer

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    Ok I was wondering if I upped it to 94db from 93db it will put my channel gains right at 12 oclock... I guess I have to test it I just didnt want to have to re-anaylize all the files because I changed the auto gain setting..

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