Audio 2 DJ not working with Traktor
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    Default Audio 2 DJ not working with Traktor

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my audio 2 DJ. All the drivers are installed (the most recent ones) and there aren't any problems I can really see with the unit. When running traktor I can output through my internal sound card and out through my laptop speakers. However when I switch my sound card to the audio 2 I can't even start a track playing and my vci 100 stops working. I read a similar question that was resolved through some preference editting but the same solution did not work for me.

    Settings are as follows:


    Audio Device: Audio 2 DJ
    Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
    Latency: 256

    Input Channel: Not Supported

    Built-in Soundcard: Audio 2 DJ

    Output Routing: Internal
    Monitor: ChBL and ChBR
    Master: ChAL and ChAR
    Record: not connected

    Input routing: n/a

    MIDI clock: send


    Device: Generic MIDI (vestax)
    In/Out Port: Vestax PC

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have looked through many posts to no avail. Cheers!

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    What OS are you running?
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    how is your Audio 2 connected? USB to laptop I'm assuming. Outputs to some sort of powered sound system?

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    change your built in. the audio isnt built into your computer im sure. it prolly wont fix it.
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    Running Windows 7 home premium fully updated.

    Indeed USB to laptop, then channel B to headphones and Channel A to a set of altec lansing computer speakers (or sometimes an NAD reciever with 2 wedges).

    Ranzerox, I don't really understand what you are saying.

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    Default More symptoms

    I can have the audio 2 dj selected as my audio device, unplug it and the vci can scrub through tracks. then I plug the audio 2 in and it works while the A and B green lights are on and then the vci cant control anything anymore once the lights go off.

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    I set my default soundcard to the Audio 2 but it doesnt output any sound when running a soundcloud track..

    Also, my hardware worked perfectly on two occasions about a week ago for no apparent reason and then started failing again.
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    1. is the volume knob turned up on the audio 2?
    2. is your latency set too low in Traktor?
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    Default reply

    The volume is turned up.

    latency is usually 256 I think. I'll check when I get home.

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