Itch Smart Crates, .Wav Files, Edit Comments LIke TAGS !
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    Default Itch Smart Crates, .Wav Files, Edit Comments LIke TAGS !

    Hello everybody i thinking about how organize my crates in Itch, so there is my doubts, im really thanks you if somebody can helpme to open my mind about this.


    1- As .wav files cannot be tagged in metadata, i thinking about type the tags about the track only in Itch, this will work good ?????

    2 I thinkin about do Smart Crates with various rules, BPM, Genre, Artists, Colored by Mood, and also search tracks to play by typing the Tags that i edited on the comments field of the tracks.

    i will love to know some opinions about this method that i will be work on my library, what do you think about it ? and i will love to hear some tips, DO YOU THINK THIS IS THE BEST METHOD TO ORGANIZE THE .WAV FILES ON THE CRATES IN ITCH ???

    I will love to know some tips and ideas, THANKS !

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    i havent mess with wav or aiff in serato. I have to try this out to see the results.
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