help setting up traktor
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    Default help setting up traktor

    ok i have 2 cdj numark ndx 800`s/behringer ddm 4000 mixer/ 2 Samson resolv monitors/ traktor le software/numark dj audio interface & sony rcd w100 recording hardware. i need to know is it possible 2 hook my stuff up to use traktor le using this external mixer, while recording onto my external recording hardware?a response i badly need, its mind boggling.

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    Setup Traktor to use the Numark audio interface. Run the output of that into the DDM400.

    Record the output of your mixer with your Sony. Voila!

    If you are wanting to use timecode to control Traktor, then you need Traktor Scratch Duo or Pro, and a Native Instruments audio interface. You would then route the outputs of that into your mixer.

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