Mapping Cue Points to Juggle?
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    Default Mapping Cue Points to Juggle?

    I am using traktor scratch pro 2, and Maschine currently, and am looking to set up some trigger options for cue juggling like Ean often does. I have two buttons set to drop the cue points (1-8) one for deck A, one for B. I am looking to find what is used to map another 16 buttons (8 for each deck) to each cue point. I attempted mapping the "cue" and "cup" functions to different buttons, but they just play the closest active cue point, or sometimes the "Loop in" marker. Please let me know what you use to play the cue points for each deck, and any of the little details in the controller editior. Thanks!

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    you want to set hotcues. Use the set/trigger hotcue mapping option.

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