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    Gear aside, i can give you few tips i learned with my small experiences, and some things i've read.
    I've done only 4 gigs (2 smalls 2 bigs) with like 300/600 peoples for the "big" ones, but I still, I thing what's following can help you.

    (funny part is that i just came back from my 2nd big gig, and i had issues i hope you won't have, i'll tell you more in some of the following points)

    - Don't pack everything for the gig in a hurry, take some time and don't forget any usb cable or whatever (it can be deadly if the club can't give you what you left at home..)

    - Be sure to "visit" the toilets right before your set

    - Only soft drinks (or beers but don't be drunk as fuck ) and prepare something to drink in the booth.

    - I would like to say "don't take too much risks in your set" but you still got to make it big. It's a balance between a good show and suicide trys.

    - ALWAYS check about the faders when you will load a new track and beat match in your headphones, you don't want all the crowd to hear that (happenned to me..)

    - If you can, go earlier in the club or even days before to avoid any technical issues (room for your gear in the booth, cables, balances etc...)
    (i once had to go strait to the closest "audio store" to buy an RCA/XLR adaptator cause the technicians at festival i was playing at forgot about it..

    - Be careful when you bow over your controller to load a new track in traktor, if you do it with the touchpad like I do, because your badge or stomach or anything can move the crossfader etc.. (happenned to me too...)

    - Be focused but still relaxed, i suggest you do something else than music like 4-5h hours before the gig, and then right before, listen to the tracks you planned to play, to get in the "music mood"

    I hope you understood what i mean, i'm not a native english speaker as you might have seen.

    Everything should be fine as soon as you hit "play" button. Enjoy your show, do what you always did in your bedroom, and you will be the man for theses 2300 guys in the room
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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishBlaggard View Post
    make sure you got good headphones
    A lot of times headphones for smaller gigs can't withstand the external audio/all the sound in a huge club. Make sure you have a damn good pair of headphones! And if you want to upgrade maybe look at the S4, since you're already familiar with Traktor. However, if you're comfortable on the VCI than stick with it. Good luck man!
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    The only things you need are:

    a controller that's giving you the posibility to use your skils


    good headphones
    V Check

    V Check
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    I really *really* wouldn''t upgrade you controller such a short time before a gig - stick with what you know and are comfortable playing with.

    Good luck!

    (and where do I need to go to play to 2000 people for my 6th gig ?!?!?)
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