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    Hi Guys, new member here and I need your help!!!!!!
    I'm basically needing to upgrade my gear. For the last couple of years, I have been rocking the Hercules Steel, audio 2 dj soundcard and Traktor Duo.

    I'm a digital dj, and I'm thinking of going down 2 routes;

    1) Upgrade Traktor to pro2, buy a Vestax VCO100mkII controller and and NI X1 effects controller

    or go down the ableton route (own Live8) with either a VCI600 or akai apc40 controller.

    Also, whats the general feeling about djing with ableton,

    I mix primarily Trance progressive, but sometimes do a tech house/techno set
    thanks guys

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    Have you thought of buying an X1 for all transport/FX controls, keep your a2dj and mix externally with an analogue mixer? (xone 22, ecler etc)
    Because of your genres I would go that way.

    Just my 0.02 $
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