ok so everyone in the music production forum are asleep so i will try in here I have a friend who uses kontakt4 with logic and he is having trouble i dont use konatkt very much and i do not use logic as a daw. anyone? this is what he had said

I just need to know, how to automate the master tuuuune.

the main tuner doesn't show up in the automation menu. there's like, #10-500 unassigned or random parameters with no names. then like 6 other ones.. attack and shtuff. but no master tune. I also know if i put it in monophonic and turn up the glide time I could do the same thing. which is probably easy peasy, and what I actually want to do.

I also tried assigning a midi # to the knob then automating that number in the menu. and no luck. but i think there's probably another step i'm missing before that just works.

let me know gents