Hi guys and gals,

I've been heads down over the summer planning my switch from Serato to Traktor. I feel I have a pretty good command of the software at this point. I've been using an X1 with it (though no mixer even, just really focused on mastering the software while keeping my library up to date and continuing to do parties with Serato). I'm ready to buy a controller and HAD been looking at the S4 vs. the Denon (MC6000). But now the S2 is here. One of my reasons for the Denon was that it feels sturdier (have actually held the Denon and S4 in my hands) and has the smaller footprint. The S2 would seem to be the best of both but, 1) not out till Oct. (is NI typically on schedule?) and 2) I heard the S4 had some problems for a while. Money isn't too much of a problem. Time is a little more of an issue, wanted to buy in Sept. but am willing to wait if the S2 is the right choice AND it ships on time. Also open to suggestions from anyone who feels there's something apart from these three options that I should be considering (don't want to do two X1s and a mixer though--too many pieces to haul around, just a personal preference). Anyway, need to make a decision here and would appreciate any opinions people might want to throw my way. BTW - in the event anyone was wondering, I do have a Vestax VCI-300 for my Serato. I know there's mapping files. I've tried a couple but it's kind of painful. Would rather have a fresh controller. Thanks tons!

DJ Brandon Curtis