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    Default Traktor 3 LE Delay Effect

    Hi All,

    The VCI is all installed and am loving it. At teh min I'm just using Traktor 3 LE and am just starting to look at the effects.

    Can anyone explain to me exactly how the Delay works as i am proper confused i spent about an hour last night trying to work out what was doing what but it just had me proper confused.

    There seemed to be no control over it. It appeared to be doing whatever it wanted. I seemed to have it working a bit like a feedback loop on the EFX but couldnt work out how to shorten the sample stop it start it etc ...

    Does this sound right or do we think it could have been buggy ?


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    Traktor LE doesnt have effects as far as i am aware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BentoSan View Post
    Traktor LE doesnt have effects as far as i am aware.
    It definately does

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    It has a master effects channel only I think.
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    Ok the official features are the following:

    2 beat and tempo synchronizable decks
    Instant loop function
    4 amazing master FX
    Ultra-fast database browsing and iTunes™ import
    Special upgrade to TRAKTOR 3 offer

    Now for the delay you have 4 Knobs and 4 buttons. Depending on what version of traktor you have the labeling and order of this may change but they do pretty much the same.

    Now my way of understanding the delay (please correct me if I am wrong)

    In 3.4 (I think it looks a bit dierent from the delay in LE) you have the amount Knob together with the on - off button. This one is self explanatory it commands the amount of effect mixed with the track. Then you have a FDB knob with the freeze button, this one is hard to explain for me but it does change the depth of the delay, and the freeze btn, well it will freeze on the last delay and gradually fade away (very nice for transitions and tricks).

    Then you have the Frequency knob which will alter the frequency of the delay, making it cycle faster or slower. The asociated btn is Quant which I leave always on. I donīt know much about how it works, but defenitly donīt like the sound when turned off.

    The last knob is speed in which you controll the delayin speed. 1/4 is the center position and it will delay each beat on 4/4 counts turn it up and you will get faster delays the top speed is delaying in counts of 32/4 . Which sounds amazing. The associated btn is Tap which will allow you to tap the desired speed. You need to tap 4 times for the software to recognize the speed. I usually mess everything when taping the speed on the delay. On other effects it works nicer for example with the BP filter you can tap the speed for the LFO it sounds great always....
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