Hello all -

I have been working on this problem for a while and I just can not figure out how to sort this out.

Using Ableton and the Midi Twister, I'd like to map an encoder like this:

Rotary Encoder - Track Volume
Knob Button - Toggle Track Arm and have the LED's on the MT correspond.

No matter which combination of CC Hold, CC Toggle, Note Hold, Note Toggle, I am unable to successfully mirror the state of the track arm using Midi Twister.

It either takes two presses of the button (In CC/Note Toggle mode) to change the Track Arm state

~ or ~

Then in "CC/Note Mode" the Track Arm toggles on the Button Down, and then toggles back on Button Up.

Either way, the Knob LED status doesn't match the state of the Track Arm.

Is there some easy workaround for this that I'm not seeing?

Thanks in advance,