Std DJ mixing automagically leave behind configured gridsĖjust a mapping?
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    Default Std DJ mixing automagically leave behind configured gridsĖjust a mapping?

    Hi all

    Iíve just moved to Traktor from djDecks and have been dismayed that Iím having to re-configure all my gigabytes of tracksí BPM and cues, or at least that the paradigm seems to be pre-prepped tracks - no minor feat when setting a grid point takes 7 clicks...Iíve got a sweet new S4 and I just want to play tunes! I often succumb to temptation and just start manually mixing tracks, but while doing so Iíve often wondered why Traktor canít ascertain the grid from my mix and save all the fiddly, silent mouse-work that gridding involves.

    I decided to link up an old controller (Hercules e2) to help with the gridding, (seven clicks into one..), and realized this might be just a mapping issue. If the track is locked in Sync to the other track by Traktor, the jog remapped to shift the grid cue point back and forth, (low sensitivity), and the tempo slider remapped to control the BPM (reversed), wouldnít the experience be like mixing, but youíre mixing by directly controlling the underlying grid?

    Iím not sure the Traktor engine is up to it Ė Iíve found Traktor threading far less stable than djDecks, and the sync skippy especially when altered on-the-go Ė but if I can get it working and feeling OK it would mean you could just be mixing in the old-fashioned way, (ie, not watching wave forms and skipping about a silent track), setting up your grids as you go, (using extra buttons for setting the grid cue and lock), almost without knowing youíre working via the grid.

    Iím about to try it on my Hercules controller, but if the S4 mapping allows it without disabling HID, I donít see why the jog and tempo sliders couldnít automatically switch to this purpose whenever Sync is on for a slave track, as the jogs and tempo sliders on the slave sync track are inoperable in Sync mode. Iíll report back here with progress.

    I would massively hugely prefer this way of gridding, and I think this would contribute towards, in its own tiny way, bridging the gap between those who have only ever digi mixed by numbers, for whom Traktor and CDJs are revolutionary, and those irrationally attached to their loft full of dusty vinyl for whom Serato is a verb, noun and adjective.

    As exciting as it feels to me? Or a fundamentally flawed idea? Comments and tips very welcome Ė Iím completely new to Traktor hence posting this for any tips in advance.

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    Using the Tap Tempo function in the S4's mapping normally does the trick, you could port your hercules mapping to the S4's MIDI layer as well (shift+browse). There are two sync modes in Traktor (Tempo Sync and Beat Sync I think), one is rigid like you mention, but the other allows you to bend and do certain corrections without sync disengaging. I find having your gridding controls activating automatically when a deck is acting as slave to be quite dangerous, since this is supposed to be a 1 time job, not a constant tweaking one.

    Personally, I rarely have my S4 plugged in while gridding so a keyboard map makes more sense to me.

    You could try this as well:
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    I like my X1s, but there are a lot of times I just want a damn pitch fader. LikeÖevery time I buy new music. I'm not really sure I'd bother with what you're doing compared to just mixing manually unless you're going really heavily into time-sync'd effects and tap isn't good enough for you.

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    Thanks very much for your thoughts - I hadn't come across the combination of tempo match which enables the jogs and the shift button for tap, (and the set grid cue button in place of my seven clicks! ). Tempo match is essential for gridded mixing between different 'grooves' too thanks.

    The Hercules mappings are still handy shortcuts as I play such a wide range of styles and often veer off course during sets that I'll never have everything gridded before the night, and I'm going to experiment as I do love a simple mix for my own pleasure, and it'd be nice to be left with gridded tracks as a result, but I'd solved a problem that doesn't exist...not the revolution I naively thought!

    Also got Traktor stable by disabling absolutely everything non-vital in Device Mngr - was feeling really nice and smooth for the first time hence not doing any more mapping tonight. Been through all sorts of hoops as I've had several other oddities but sometimes the answer's under your nose..

    Muchisimas gracias
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    Quote Originally Posted by padi_04 View Post
    Using the Tap Tempo function in the S4's mapping normally does the trick
    +1 works like a charm.
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    I realize this must seem a pretty silly question, but I can't get the tap function to work - it is sometimes spot on, but more often out completely wrong, by a margin far too big to be due to inaccurate tapping. I can't see what I'm missing. I load the track, set the first grid point, (although it gets the wrong value whether or not I fix the grid), and after a bar or two I tap the rhythm on the shift button. The BPM setting does change, occasionally it is perfect, more often it sets to a specific value that is about 20bpm out. My master clock is set to Auto and Ext is not selected. The mouse is vinyl mode, syncing is tempo mode. The Tap button under the deck does light up, and it occasionally gets it precisely right. When it gets it wrong, I can set the bpm to say 300 then tap again, and it goes to exactly the previous (massively wrong) bpm.

    I've tried changing making the track master or slave or not sync'd - it is driving me crazy!

    In case it is relevant, sometimes when I stop a track the Traktor clock will become Master, won't let me set the track to master, so when I play the track it sets the track bpm to 300 to match master when I play. Only once it is playing can I make the track master (shift sync) and adjust the tempo back down.

    Thanks hugely for any suggestions..

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    Always consult your doctor before attempting std mixing with a dj.

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