Audio Input in TRAKTOR PRO
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    Default Audio Input in TRAKTOR PRO

    I am using Traktor Pro with a Vestax VCM-100 controller. It is basically a MAYA 44 USB soundcard. It has 4 input and 4 output channels.

    I want to be able to plug in an iPod and have it play as an AUX while still using TRAKTOR.

    Sometimes clients want to hear a specific song etc. "Can you play this song? I have it on my iPod in my car."

    I have tried for hours with no luck. it's weird. I go to the INPUT ROUTING screen and pick the two input channels. I see the display meters pumping with the beat and I can hear the iPod audio in the headphones, but I can't get any audio to play from the main output.

    Any ideas?



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    Is the fader up?
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    are you set to internal mixer or external ? as pizzle said, is the fader up and is the channel assigned to the x-fader.

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    Yes. I have the faders all up. A,B,C,and D. I have tried it set to internal 2 and 4. And I have tried setting it to external too.

    No luck.

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    Have you changed the deck to 'Audio through'
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