Strange plastic thing on Pioneer DJM600 fader
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    Default Strange plastic thing on Pioneer DJM600 fader

    Yesterday i changed input faders on a Pioneer DJM600 mixer (which was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. Cramped location, small screws, bent wires and plastic connectors... :P).

    What puzzles me is the black thing on the slider, which goes into something that look like an optocoupler (you see an arrow there printed on the board, see fader-1.jpg, and some strange japaneese letters which might explain what it is... see fader-2.jpg). Out of curiousity I tried the mixer with it and without it, and I could at least not hear any difference.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I might be wrong, but it looks like a feature for a fader-start switch.

    The black plastic blocks the optocoupler, and a circuit is connected or broken.
    That somehow tells something in the mixer to do something or the other.

    Probably fader-start, but it could be something internal.
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    It is indeed the fader start.
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