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    Default Crazy production Setup

    I'm new to the Forum, but really enjoy seeing all the cool setups around!

    I currently only have a small Akai controller and I'm looking to upgrade.
    Do you recommend getting a new keyboard and drumpad, or just upgrade that has both.
    I mostly only use a few drumpad buttons, so I'm hesitant about getting a 61 button drumpad.

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    Hey All,

    I'm about to build my own dj console with Ikea parts much like the original post by Xonetacular. Just a few questions.

    - My speakers are the KRK Rokit 8" - they are pretty big and heavy - do the godmorgon legs hold them ok? Do they simple bolt on from the bottom with the screws provided or what is the best way to secure them? Do I need anything extra?
    - Are the speakers ok on their own or do I need to use Velcro etc to make sure they don't slip?
    - I'm going to use the Capita legs but are other better?
    - I want to make sure the wall behind does not get scratched by the shelf unit which will recess at the back. Any suggestions of what to use to protect it?

    Has anyone ekse done this recently? Any tips appreciated.

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