Itz Friday! i iz drunk + back from GIG
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    Default Itz Friday! i iz drunk + back from GIG

    Gang, im just in from a really awesome DJ-Contest. Participated with a 1 Hour long set, competed with 5 other DJs. Well, technically 4, there was a DJ Team, but more on that in a bit.

    As some of you may or may not know me, i do own Traktor and Virtual DJ Pro. Straight up controller+ launchpad plus most of the times video.

    The Contest/ Battle:

    I got to see 2 DJs perform before my set. The first one used a Hercules RMX and TP2 ( 2 decks with sample decks) As far as i could tell, he didnt take use of the sample decks, loops, cuejuggles or advanced FX. Good for me, as its still a competition. Musicwise he spun some tech house and berlin style minimal electro. Didnt hear any mistakes, solid mixing with some nice record choices.

    Second DJ used TP2 also, but used timecode CD and a Maschine. He also used all 4 decks, some nice effekt layering and also some minor loop usage. But the greatest thing for me, he did spin like 6 or 7 tracks i planned on playing. I enjoyed his set more than the other djs one. But i dont vote, thats up for the audience. Which was partying pretty hard at times, but he suddenly lost them when he tried to attemp to mix some dubstep, which still isnt big where i live.

    So i take over from him. I had to setup on really minimal space, with my controller on the floor for the first track, while he build down his setup so i can setup mine. Bummer.

    I played some Dubstep at first, for the first 5 minutes or so, slowly reducing pitch to get to my so loved 130 bpm spot. Once there, i let out chart remixes from Afrojack and Deadmouse, basic cheese to get the attention. And than, once i had 400 people bouncing hard, i extended to e.g. Drop the lime and such stuff, and harder stuff e.g steve aoki and so much different tracks, and finally back to Dubstep. I made use of advanced chained FX, 4 tracks plus samples, looped alot but still decent and did alot of cuejuggles and beatmashing. I basically triedd my really, reaally best andd i feel as if i succeeded in that. Hooray for me.

    Guys. Believe me. I NEVER ever have seen 400 people, all cheering for me, bouncing from front to the back, from left to right as one. AMAZING! i still got goosebumps hours later! I had them singing along, i played remixes of familiar songs that blasted them away. I surely got them in my hand. muahahaha

    I just hope i win the Contest. Instead of a jury, the audience fills out some forms after each performance, just a basic check mark nothing much. And tomorrow we will all perform again and the winner will chosen

    Wish me luck. I just only once won something, and that was a officil limited Shirt from Virtual DJ, which i wore proudly on Stage today. Maybe the shirt as my first price ever grants me luck, i hope so.

    The winners gonna get some cash and a resident spot in my local club btw.

    Oh, and as the only DJ today, i received a 5 minute applaus from the audience, plus chords wishing for me to continue my set " Go Dj, we love you, play one more" or alike. hard to translate The owner of the spot than came to me and asked me to add a extra 15 minutes to my set to please the crowd.

    Also i hope to get some other Gigs, i have talked to several peeps who at least are very, very interested in getting me for there partys. And i dont talk state fairs this time, straight up big boy club business. Did i mention i hope to win?

    Anyways, i hope you all did have a night atleast as half as good as mine, which means yours been a blast I try to sober out now, biggups to everyone around here. If i wouldnt keep track of DJTT, i surely would not have been able to perform as i did today BIGGUPS and one love,

    yours very own greatmesk aka DJ Honestly Who ( *cheers fellas)
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    Congratz man! Must have felt amazing!

    I really hope you win, sounds like you played a killer set and really deserve it
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    I am coming from 6 hour gig, total wasted and rocked a crowd about 500 . I am beat up p but nothing compares to have a great night, enjoying the music played and the crowd staying one more hour without the bar, closed.

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    Good luck!

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    KILLER Bro!!!

    Its a good feeling that!

    Now for your next milestone! 1000 Munted Facebiters!
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