Stuck... really would like some help...
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    Default Stuck... really would like some help...

    So as always ive got some money to spend and a void in my collection of gear, its really different this time though because i'm stuck between 2 things...

    About me: i dj mostly electro, but am starting more minimal and tech house now. i do mostly clubs, however the crew im working with throws its own events and we usually take a mixture of our gear and rental gear.

    the place im stuck at right now is between a DJM-900 and a control s4. i need a good mixer, but i would also like an all in one controller. My biggest problem is that if i buy the DJM-900 it will only be for practice and jamming out with buddies. Seriously, it will never leave the house. One of my other buddies in the crew keeps his 800 the same way (which is why we normally rent gear for events we do). Most of the gigs i have right now have a 800 or a 900 so it would be good to standardize a flow.

    On the other hand, if i get the s4 i'm gonna put a skin on the thing (so it dosen't scratch) and take it everywhere. another nice thing about it is that right now i'm between apartments so all my gear is packed up, i'm literally just practicing off my maschine and x1's, so i would be able to use it for times like this, then once i got my stuff setup i can plug everything to my audio 10 and still have a full 4 deck setup. the gigs im doing right now do have room for an s4 so i should have a problem there either....

    anyone care to help me out... ive played with both im just not sure what to do here... this is like the first time ive hit a fork in the road of buying gear.

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    seems like you almost answered your question by yourslef. go with the s4
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