What up DJTT

Just cleaned out the house, had a little house party to test out my new djm-900.

It is sooo nice. I'm just sing cds for the time being as it just works better for me.

Played from about 9:30 til 2. Had loads of fun.

I'm still working out the effects, but I only picked it up on tuesday so not to worry.

To me it seemed like getting a 900 instead of an 800 because its newer. Unfortunately the djm-800 is still 1850 and tx new around here. The djm900 was 1999. Now though if I decide to use traktor again I wont have to worry about soundcards and shit.

I think my plan is to get a pair of cdj900s in the long run. Maybe even the 2000's I dunno.

I finally got all my cds burned too. I got 10-15 tracks on each cd and I just have them number from 100-113 with the little slips to tell the tracks. I got them double up so I can play every song.

I dont bother to mark the bpm cause I am practising the beatmatching thing.

I find that my ear is starting to get alot better and trusting it seems to produce so interesting results.

the tracks almost come to my head intuitively its really great.

And before I finish...

New color effects and the djms effects are not the holy grail or something. Dont expect them to change or life just by rotating the knobs.

The X pad is over rated. It just makes it easier to use the loop roll to pound 1/16th notes more freely, which really isn't a good thing. So if James Zabiela convinced you in hype video, your probably going to think its over rated. Unless, of course, if he brainwashed you and your unaware that it has occured.

The sound is bloody sick though.

I wish there was a filter with a full kill type thing in it, but there are techniques that could do to not request this so its not that big a deal.

I guess its my personality or something but having the computer around just cuts me off from the music some how. I just get lost in software the same I get lost aimlessly wondering the internet.

I find that when I manually beatmatch it allows me to connect to the energy of the music and the mix better. Its like a mediation. I'm going through this thing now where it seems too good to be true when I align the tracks. It leave me in disbelieve for some reason.

I have also managed to get the loops to stay relatively locked together while I'm in the mix. Its obviously an active process but thats the fun part of it.

Anyway, I'm done my late night ramble. Someone give me a pat on the back.