Traktor 2 Mixer Issue
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    Default Traktor 2 Mixer Issue

    So I just got Traktor 2 up and running and I finally tracked down the Tsi for my Hercules RMX. Everything (besides some annoying queue buttons where the loop controls should be) is working now, except my headphone jacks. The RMX picks up the sound when I'm using any of the soundcards (Traktor Built in- Rmx-built in, ASIO4ALL) but no matter what Monitor output I select, no sound comes through the headphones whatsoever when they're jacked into the rmx. Any tips? Also I might just be being a noob (As I am quite new to traktor) but when I try to apply effects while a track is playing, they do not work. I click the on button and drag the effect knob up but nothing happens. Any help would be very appreciated, Thank you.

    Also: Sound will play through my normal computer headphones and the headphones themselves work I checked that. I can get Deck A/B/Master output to play though my speaker, but nothing to play through my headphones, I really need help with this if I can't figure it out I don't know what I'll do.
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    I tried again today running the start-up for traktor (even though they don't have my controller listed) to see if that would solve the issue. It did not. Anyone at all? Please!

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    Could you chuck a screen shot of your settings up so we can take a look?
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    Yes I'll post it later today and sorry about double posting but I'm utterly shutdown till I can figure this out.

    Linked cause it's a pretty big image.

    I've tried cycling through everything on the Output Routing.
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    Is there a mix volume knob on the RMX? this controls the amount of mix you hear in the headphones. All the way right is both playing decks. all the way left is only what the cue button is active on.

    For FX you have to click the little button labeled 1, 2, 3, or 4 next to each deck to activate that FX bank for that deck. If you only have two FX baks active then you'll only hav 1 and 2 next to the decks. Your tsi may have this mapped to something called FX bank select.
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    Ok I got the effects to work, that was me not paying attention, however the headphones still refuse to function. Posted the screenshots of how I'm currently setup. I can get sound to play through any of my speaker jacks or headphone jacks on the Computer, but nothing on the controller

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    Connect speakers and headphones to the RMX and follow the instructions on the Hercules site here

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