best way to incorporate a mixtrack pro and an x1?
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    Default best way to incorporate a mixtrack pro and an x1?

    so i just grabbed a mixtrack pro to make my mobile rig more mobile and now im stumbling a little over the logistics of bringing it into my set up. I have a standard DVS set up with the gear mentioned in my signature. trying to set up for 4 decks and 4 fx units. i read somewhere that the soundcard in the mixtrack is inferior to my audio6 which i can believe.which of the following options are possible, and make most sense?

    a) using the built in soundcard on the mixtrack, and the x1? (strictly for mobile)

    b) run the mixtrack pro and the x1 thru the audio 6? ( is this possible?)

    and at home id like to incorporate it all into some kind of DVS set up with at least one real TT so can cut it up. so can I...

    Run the mixtrack thru channel 1 on my 2 channel rane mixer, which would control 2 decks, the other channel running to a technics, and the x1 controlling the other deck? and having all this run thru the audio6?

    at the current time im using a 2 deck setup with my 2 techs and an x1 and really like it, however id really like to move up to 4 decks. i really got the mixtrack so id have less to carry around and set up at gigs where im not planning on scratching,and also not have a huge nest of cables, but now that i have it im envisioning CONTROL CONTROL I MUST HAVE CONTROL for my home applications.

    how would you guys use these things with each other?

    also playing with the idea of returning the mixtrack for a midifighter, altho this doesnt accomplsh what i set out for which is not carting a mixer and TTs to every gig.
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    you could setup the mixtrack for deck a and b and the 2 techs for c and d.
    imho iŽd run the sound through the audio6 since youŽd still need it for your tecks also the sound quality is a bit better than the mixtracks one.
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