Well some guys always talked about it but I never saw a video of it so I decided to try it myself


What I did is basically this:

1) Send traktor's internal clock to resolume using midiyoke

2) Duplicate the signals of my x-session pro using midiox (I tried to use traktor's send option, but couldn't figure it out). I then map resolume with faders, and the "resynch" button, I asign it to the button I use to cue songs (so that I can resynch videos everytime I cue up a song.

What I concluded was:
1) You get audio time outs if your resolume clips are bloated with complex effects (if there's no effect, there was no problem)
2) latency is fine
3) It's impossible to actually mix and be aware of the clips you're triggering; it could work if you have a vj, and you just help him by sending the tempo and fading commands. You could also assign your eq's or effects, to trigger video effects in resolume.
4) It's way too risky to try it live on one single computer!