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    Default Export Libary from Win7 to Mac

    Hey Guys, greetings from Germany

    First information: Libary of 200 songs on a Win 7 Traktor Pro

    Hope you can help me, i'm going to play tonight my first time in front of a "crowd" (100 ppl.). I actually still doesn't have a Laptop or Macbook where my Collection is. All i have is my PC with Win 7 and WITHOUT iTunes. The other DJ guy brings a Macbook so i actually could use my USB Stick and transport my collection with me. Problem would be, how i can also get my cuepoints, ratings and grids there too.

    Do you can help me? thanks anyway

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    Sure enough, if you copy the whole Root Dir and your whole music collection directory (As stated in your preferences) you're all set, you'll also have your own settings and no need to re-analyse your tracks. Will this fit on your external thumb drive... i dunno.

    Using this method, you'll need to specify Traktor where's your new Root Dir, re-start traktor and specify your new Music Collection path... so a transition CD/iPod would be nice to have

    I'm not a MAC user but, make sure your thumb drive can be read/written on a MAC. I think It has to be formatted in FAT32 format. MAC user, please set me straight if I'm not right on that.
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    fat 32 is correct.

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    Thanks for the help

    There is now another little problem. My Libary was full of my self-produced songs. These were way too chilled beats for tonight so i wanted to play some of my "normal tracks". Problem, i didn't had them in my Libary and always played them over the Explorer.

    Or does only the filename and not the path matter? So there wouldn't be any problem then ^^

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    the path does.

    You can also leave your HDD as NTFS-filesystem by using OSXFUSE with NTFS-3G.

    I used to use the same (!) library and files in Traktor Pro on a hackintosh running Snow Leopard and Windows 7 on another partition.

    btw. you can also broswe the files on your Mac/PC from within Traktor Pro in the file browser. I do this via an endless rotarybutton which is very comfortable. Rotate to scroll the current foloder. Press it to open a folder if you selected it.
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