Problem upgrading to Traktor v 2.0.3
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    Default Problem upgrading to Traktor v 2.0.3

    didn't get any replies to this in the NI section so thought i would post here and hopefully someone can help...

    i need some help / guidance on updating my traktor software. currently i am using traktor pro 2 2.0.0 and the kontrol s4.

    I sometimes get random crashes and the NI support have told me to install the latest update before i do anything else.

    I have downloaded the pro 2 2.0.3 update which appears to have downloaded ok apart from the fact that i was getting a message before download commenced saying that i needed to insert the final disc of a multi set or something like that.

    Now i have put the update on a memory stick and transferred to my gig laptop.

    When i double click to run the update it goes through and asks for the soundcard i am using but then after that screen i get the following message:

    "unable to uninstall old version of NI Traktor 2. Please uninstall yourself using control panel add-remove before attempting to install this product.

    the windows installer service could not be accessed. This can occur if the windows installer is not correctly installed."

    I have disabled a load of services on the laptop which i got new when i got my S4. Also, i followed the prepping my s4 article and the dubspot videos off youtube to get traktor and the s4 working properly. My gig laptop does not get connected to the internet.

    Sorry for the long winded explanation - hopefully there is enough info here to enable someone to give me some pointers as to what to do next to get it updated to latest version.

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    Enable all the services you disabled and try to install again.
    You can disable the services again afterwards.

    There are 2 or 3 which are required by the Windows Installer. the new DJ community

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    That doesn't make any sense about the message. Are you downloading this through the Service Center?
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    I downloaded the update on to my vaio laptop through my NI account on the website. I then put it on to a memory stick to transfer it to my toshiba laptop that i use for djing.

    Also once i have fixed this issue, once traktor installs, does it overwrite the version i already have? will all of my music collection still be intact after the update?

    Sorry for what must appear stupid questions! this is all new to me up until i got traktor a few weeks ago i was using virtual dj.

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    Thanks for that hedgehog - i will try that tonight and see if it works

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    2.1.1 is out, you probably can go directly to this..
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