What cables to carry?
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    Default What cables to carry?

    I don't think I've seen a thread about this, and just read FullEnglishPint's great article on cables, and thought why not get the ball rolling or the cable unraveling as it were.

    Since I have a Twitch, with Balanced 1/4" outs...I was thinking I should carry this set of cables/connectors to give myself tyhe ability to plug into almost anything:

    4x XLR-3FJPS (Balanced Jack to Balanced XLR Socket)
    2X XLR-3M3M (XLR Male to Male)

    2X 2m (350LU2BK) (XLR Plug to Socket)

    2X 1.5m (BSGP380LU15) (XLR Socket to RCA Jack)

    I wonder if the lengths are good enough, or too little or too much?

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    Always carry loads of RCAs and RCA male-female & female-male adapters, as anywhere you might be plugging into a mixer you'll likely want to be using RCAs.

    For plugging straight into a PA system you probably want a pair of 2-3m (or longer, depends how much you want to carry) TRS-XLR cables with adapters or separate cables for TRS.

    Edit: and thanks for the comment on the article
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