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    Default Traktor Pro 2 echo effect

    Ok so tonight I'm doing my first gig at an indie bar in a long time. Normally when mixing different styles where the tempos are way off I like to use the echo effect with the echo freeze like what ean describes but I can't find it. Do you guys have any suggestions?

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    It's called "Delay" - what do you mean you can't find it? Should be listed in your effects; if not, look in the preferences and see if it got removed from the list.
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    Delay / Delay T3 in "Single" mode?

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    I think by echo freeze they mean Delay (used as single effect so you can access 3 parameters) , put amount to max and then freeze it. No more delay will be generated from the track, and the delay that has been created just before you freezed will slowly fade.

    Not sure about this, i don't use it that way cause i don't mess up with styles, but if someone can confirm that, it will be helpful for me too

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