Managing Music in Traktor
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    Default Managing Music in Traktor

    How do you guys manage your sets/music/playlists through Traktor Pro 2?

    I was looking to do it through playlists in my iTunes library however this means that I cannot edit each track for rating which is how I like to quickly prioritise tracks.


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    Everytime I have new tracks, I pass them through Jaikoz (best ID3 tag editor ever), mp3Gain (awesome normalizer), MIK/REvo3 (key stuff), and then import in iTunes where I have smart playlists for each genre I have.

    I then update the playlists in Traktor (same names, just drag them all from iTunes to the playlist, remove duplicates, analyze, beatgrid, done.). Kinda have to do this to view the keys for harmonic mixing.

    I then have Traktor-only playlists for mixes/sets.

    Can't wait to read what others do, good thread!

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