Looking for a record pool for music-videos
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    Default Looking for a record pool for music-videos

    I want to get into the video-mixing business. Grabbing videos of YT and muxing the sound in is a bit too time-consuming considering the short lifespan of a lot of top 40 tracks.

    Therefore I'm looking for a good (and cheap) DJ pool/subscription service which offers music-videos.

    Arne already told me about 8thwondercdpool.com which looks fine but I wanted a second opinion.
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    One thing I would like to say is how unprofessional VJ Street customer service is. I tried to renew my subscription a few months back and was told by PayPal that I needed to add a credit card in order to make a payment to them. I explained to VJ Street that the whole point of using PayPal was to NOT have to enter a credit card number. Further emails to them were not returned, and I just discovered that my account was deleted. I will be sure to let as many people know how terrible VJStreet has turned out to be a total joke how they respond to customers!! Here are some of the email comments from them:

    "We try our best to NOT engage into personal battles with djs because every single staffer here is a seasoned dj and we understand how our market thinks.
    The less we talk the better for everyone."

    "No ONE is gonna explain to you how paypal works. Feel Free to give them a call or perhaps take your business elsewhere as you suggested earlier. "

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