Help with DIY Desktop shelf/platform
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    Default Help with DIY Desktop shelf/platform

    Hey everybody, so i've got a nice big ikea desk but i'd love to add another level/shelf to it so I could set my monitor and speakers on there and then I could have room to store my synth and maschine under that shelf and just pull them out when I want to use them. What would you guys recommend is the best material and easiest way to do this. It's a pretty wide desk and my stuff is heavy so it seems like it would need to have decent support and almost a third pillar to keep it stable. Any help is much appreciated.

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    Which desk do you use? The Amon?

    I go the matching TV stand from IKEA and just made half of it and parked it on top of the table - all my amps and hifi gear sit under the shelf, and my decks etc fit on top. It's a little similar to the IKEA dj booth hack on
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    i have a huge ikea desk with no shelf, so a few months ago i ran around the city stealing milk crates and have used them to hold my 2 speakers and my laptop, and i just put my sound card underneath and run the cables through the holes. works like a charm.
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    use the floating shelves that IKEA has, I'm sure they'll work just fine
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