OK I am not some big name anything but i do love coming here and seeing the great talent that is always posting .

I know that the Forum community has had a Few Competitions for Dubstep , and i have seen some for the Electro and house genre. Now i wonder what a honor it would be to have a small interview and the winning mix be posted on the Blog side of DJTT ? For all Dj's this would be a great stepping stool and for the DJTT site itself it will show that you are not all about what is pushed out by the many manufactures companies that just want to be noticed.

the rules can be the same as normal, just instead of saying you only get " street Credibility " you get a nice post with links to your personal music hosting site and some general questions .

thanks all for reading , hope to get some bumps and sticky's for all that are in agreeance , and to see this happen .