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    Default Candy music - Got something tasty?

    Hey you!

    My next gig is a combined DJ and clown job - awesome right? Well, this job will of course need some serious beat-juggling (ha' ha'), but my problem is I don't really know what kind of music I'm going to spin. The theme is "Candy" and we've gotten a huge sponsorship from Swedish Malaco (now Leaf I think) and the host demands candy music. I'm thinking something like eurodance and Bubblegum 60's, but what I'm really interested in, is your opinion The place is not an ordinary club when it comes to music. They like the alternative (meaning regular pop charts and such is not the best). In genres I believe that almost anything goes

    If any of you guys are in Denmark during the next week, drop by. It's at Stengade 30 (Stalingrad, in Copenhagen) on Thursday the 12th of March and is arranged by Konfetti Klubben If you show up then the candy is on me.

    Cheers, Rasmus

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    Play candy raver music lolz
    Sorry im not much help with this sort of thing

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    cameo-candy, candy girl, lolipop-lil wayne, 50 cent-candyshop, three six mafia-lolipop, lil kim-how many licks, thats about all i can think of with songs that refer to candy lol.
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