Traktor Pro Jog wheel free to scratch
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    Default Traktor Pro Jog wheel free to scratch

    Hey guys i wannna know if there anyway load the track or sampler on deck A and B traktor pro and have they free to scratch not pressing play like as Traktor 3.

    Im using the vci 100 when i load the track u try to scratch u cant do it anything only if u press play theres no way to scratch like the traktor 3 thats a big issue im having with traktor pro

    Plz help me lol
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    If i am understandyou you correct, i think what your saying is when you load a track you cant scratch without pressing play.

    I can in tractor pro 1.0.1. The only thing is if i want to scratch but then release the track to play i have to ress play. Although if i dont press play i can still manipulate the track forwards and backwards ie scratch.

    Does that make sense, is that what you mean ?


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