[Ear Protection] -25 or -15?
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    Default [Ear Protection] -25 or -15?

    Hey guys,

    Last week i bought myself some proper ear protection ( http://www.elacin.com/en/product/85/Elacin-Music-ER25 ) and i'm looking for some advice...

    I had the option between -25, -15 or -9 DB, and i just can't decide which would be most suitable for both DJing and non-DJing.

    I ordered them @ -25 but the person that helped me at the shop told me they could switch it around when i'm picking them up.

    When reading around now i see some people prefer -15. Does anyone here have these or similar and can anyone share some experience? Is -15 really more comfortable and not affecting my volume too much? I like it loud but im wondering if theres really alot of difference.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's a personal taste but -25dB for very loud environments including huge club systems and -15dB for normal club and stage use.

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