Need help with one traktor midi modifier
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    Default Need help with one traktor midi modifier

    Tried using every tutorial on midi modifiers and have gotten them to work with other functions to great effect. Can't seem to get this one to function and any help would be massively appreciated.

    Here's what I am trying to do.

    I have a button that normally bends the tempo forward on my akai mpd24. I want to set it up so when I HOLD down TAB on my keyboard that it actually increases the tempo a bit instead. I am using Modifier 2 for this and getting nowhere.

    Here's how I have set it up. (which from all the tuts I have seen should be the correct way...

    Made a modifier mapping and assigned it to the TAB key.
    Modifier condition value set to 0
    Button option set to value 1
    Interaction mode set to HOLD

    It's my understanding that now by holding TAB. Modifier 2 should change from 0 to 1. I cannot see it changing on the traktor preferences screen, but I have another modifier already set up that doesn't show it's toggling either with this window, even though it works fine in traktor, so I digress.

    Now I have mapped both the TEMPO BEND function and the TEMPO function in the midi setup page to the same pad on my controller. I set TEMPO BEND to m2=0 and TEMPO to m2=1.

    It's still never going to m1 and allowing me to change the bpm of the deck with the assigned button. I have tried duplicating the modifier and setting it as a toggle modifier instead (just for the sake of troubleshooting) and still no luck.

    Is there something huge that I am missing along the way that will make this all come into place for me? I tried doing other mappings and it seems like anything I assign to m2=1 ceases to work all together. Any help is massively appreciated. I even offered to paypal $5 on the KVR forum to anybody who could help and got no replies. lol
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    I believe you would have to map the modifier on the controller that is using it. The modifier on the keyboard mapping will only affect the keyboard not the controller.

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    Can't be done. Keyboard mapping is separate (Generic Keyboard vs Generic MIDI).

    It does suck. Wonder if NI is working on supporting the mix.

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    whaaa? that's nuts! Thank you for the head's up anyway! Saves me time smashing my head against the wall. lol Funny how such an intricate mapping system like modifiers can be so severely limited by something that should be a simple fix by NI.
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